What’s a Peddler?: Steak Peddlers Return to Our Gatlinburg Restaurant

peddler shows off cuts of meat

What’s a Peddler?: Steak Peddlers Return to Our Gatlinburg Restaurant

What’s a Peddler?: Steak Peddlers Return to Our Gatlinburg Restaurant 1000 667 The Peddler Steakhouse - Gatlinburg's Steakhouse Tradition

What’s a peddler?

Well, if you’ve spent any time in the Smoky Mountains, you know The Peddler is an incredible Gatlinburg restaurant that serves up the best food in town!

But, where did our name come from? What does a peddler do? Who is a peddler?

The namesake of our restaurant comes from these peddlers! A peddler is someone who travels from place to place, acting as a traveling vendor of goods. Peddlers may go door-to-door trying to sell these goods to customers.

Here at our Gatlinburg restaurant, our peddlers are now going from table to table, serving up some of the very best goods we can think of: steak!

That’s right; the steak peddlers have returned to The Peddler!

What to Expect From Our Peddlers

peddler slices steakWhen you dine at The Peddler, your first stop after ordering will most likely be the salad bar! Our unlimited salad bar is filled with your favorite fresh ingredients and is included with the price of each of our entrees.

After you’ve returned from the salad bar, the “peddler” will make your way to your table. He won’t be alone, though. He’ll have a cart with a full loin of both the New York Strip and ribeye for you to view the stellar quality of our meats right at your table!

“Having someone bring a loin of ribeye and a loin of New York Strip tableside, and using a 14-inch scimitar blade to cut that steak for you, is not something you see every day,” said Mike McElroy, the restaurant’s general manager. “It’s what made The Peddler unique.”

If you’d like to enjoy one of these cuts of meat, the peddler will cut that steak for you right beside your table! Now, it’s ready to be cooked to your personal preference for you to enjoy! Your peddler will be responsible for all other orders, side selections and any other special requests you may have.

A Tradition Returns

the peddler signWe can’t wait for you to enjoy the return of this long-standing tradition at The Peddler!

If you’ve been dining at The Peddler for as long as you can remember, you may recall this tradition, now making it’s much-anticipated return following the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to bring back this special touch for everyone to enjoy for themselves, regardless of how long you’ve been visiting our Gatlinburg restaurant!

“We’ve listened to our guests,” McElroy said. “All of them wanted it back as well.”

It’s how we got our name, after all, so it only makes sense to bring it back!

“Feedback from the guests has been tremendous,” McElroy said. “They stop what they’re doing to take photos. A lot of people are excited to see the steak peddlers back.”

Some of today’s leadership at The Peddler once served themselves as peddlers at our Gatlinburg restaurant. Owner Geoffrey Wolpert, Director of Operations Dale Bright and McElroy each were peddlers early in their careers at The Peddler.

The Menu at The Peddler

steak at the peddlerOur custom-cut New York Strips and ribeyes are just the start of all the delicious dishes you’ll find on the menu at our Gatlinburg restaurant!

Filet mignon, prime rib, grilled salmon, trout, grilled shrimp, chicken dishes and more make for excellent entree choices when you dine at The Peddler. Start your meal off with an amazing appetizer like french onion soup or fried green beans. You’ll want to finish things off with a delectable dessert like hot blackberry cobbler, Peddler mud pie or strawberry shortcake!

We couldn’t be more excited for you to experience our steak peddlers the next time you visit our Gatlinburg restaurant! This addition is yet another example of The Peddler putting people first with each meal!