4 Appetizers You Need to Try at Our Gatlinburg TN Restaurant

French onion soup at The Peddler Steakhouse

4 Appetizers You Need to Try at Our Gatlinburg TN Restaurant

4 Appetizers You Need to Try at Our Gatlinburg TN Restaurant 1000 667 The Peddler Steakhouse - Gatlinburg's Steakhouse Tradition

While our hand-cut steaks and flavorful sides are surely enough to satisfy your tastebuds, we also have an assortment of delicious appetizers to get your meal started off with a bang! From fried green beans to oysters on the half shell, we have the perfect starter for everyone. Here are 4 of the appetizers you need to try at our Gatlinburg TN restaurant:

1. Chilled Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail from The Peddler Steakhouse in Gatlinburg Who says you can’t find delicious seafood in the Smoky Mountains? Our shrimp cocktail is steamed with just the right amount of Chesapeake seasoning and served to you with cocktail sauce, lemon, and horseradish. For those who are looking for other seafood dishes to try at our restaurant, you can’t go wrong with the grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, or fresh rainbow trout. All of our grilled seafood options are cooked over hickory charcoal and seasoned to perfection to give you a wonderful dining experience.

2. Signature Soups

Whether you are visiting in the heat of summer or the dead of winter, there is never a bad time to start your meal off with one of our made-in-house signature soups. The first option is our chicken almond soup, which has the perfect blend of chicken, veggies, and broth! Once you get a taste, you will start your own tradition of having it every time you visit. Our other soup option is the french onion soup, which contains a rich beef broth loaded with sliced onions and topped with oven-baked cheese! To make this soup even more delicious, ask for a side of our baked bread to soak up all the leftover broth to savor every bite.

3. Salad Bar

Salad Bar at The Peddler Steakhouse in GatlinburgIf you have ever been to our Gatlinburg TN restaurant, one of the things you probably remember the most is our salad bar. We have all sorts of fresh ingredients and homemade salad dressings that make this one of the best salad bars you will find in the Smokies. The best news is that all our main entrees come with unlimited access to our salad bar, so be sure to enjoy as much as you would like. You can also choose to enjoy the salad bar as your main entree instead of just as an appetizer to one of our other meals! Either way, it is sure to be one of the many highlights of your visit to The Peddler Steakhouse.

4. Cheddar Cheese Bites

Can you ever go wrong with fried cheese? Our bite-sized cheddar cheese bites make the perfect starter for your trip to our restaurant. They are fried until perfectly golden brown and crispy and are served with a side of our homemade sauce that takes the tastiness to the next level! This is also the perfect appetizer to share with your family and friends because everyone will love them!

Now that you know a little more about the appetizers at The Peddler Steakhouse, take a look at the rest of our Gatlinburg TN restaurant menu! We hope to see you soon in the Smoky Mountains!